Was that so bittersweet?

You know when you bite into dark chocolate, what do you get?
A hint of bitterness right? And you try to melt that chocolate, get it to a temperature
where you want to prepare your own handmade chocolates, look up at every damn site where they show their own method of making homemade chocolates, ask a professional chef as to how to make chocolates in a more simplistic way.. I mean not everyone receives the kind of help that they need right? And then you try making your own chocolates, without taking help of anybody, how does it even come? Grainy? Not that amazing? That was my shot.

The worst thing that occurred last year, I mean last year ka kya hi bolu (what to even say about last year?) Wished for the chocolate to come out perfectly from my mould, anticipating that I would get my snap, but what was that even? Okay forget about chocolates and let’s be real even. Those apologetic, guilty moments about not getting the shot right, complaining about life is a complete fucked up mess, cursing all of those bastards out who never really meant anything in life, but did that actually help out at all in any part? That having the feeling that, “Oh he must be very busy! So super busy that probably I shouldn’t meddle enough into his life.” Why am I saying like some 43 year old hag? And also why even bring up that shit again and again? I think I should buy a drum set once I start earning
and I should keep playing it, till I don’t get enough at all.

Ever done this stuff with the chapati dough, where you’re super angry over something and you just want to beat the heck out of it? Remove all of the stress over that dough.. would be very relieving right? All of the bittersweet memories that you had would go away instantly. No? You have a technique? Cooking you suggest? Oh, I make fantastic food! I go so crazy these days that I’ve been making what not! Sourbread toast with butter and green chutney being spread over it and slices of tomatoes with a sprinkle of rock salt over it, then coffee cakes,
pancakes, pasta, varieties of rices, then the bhakri, you name it and I just try
to make it.

Anyway, the blog post was to make everything very bittersweet, was there any element of bittersweet present in your life? If yes, relieve it by hearing good rock music, dance, sing, go out, but don’t let this brain die in a river filled with bittersweetness.

My letter for you!


Images : All my photos.

Mind Talks

Regular weekend.. how would you describe it even? You’d get up early than the rest of the world, wondering and scratching your head as to why you actually woke up early, the mother’s call to you to get up and help her out at the kitchen, and then you’d feel like this old lady where you’d hear something cracking, you’d look at your dad, but it’s not cause of your dad, but your back making that kind of crack sound. Now that GIF of an old lady saying – “I’m 23 years old”, having no teeth at all makes so much sense.

23.. a number, a life journey, an age, a plus one, that tens and units just depicts so much. When being that small child, you just had the life where your job was to just eat, sleep, do potty, play with toys (although I was one of those kids who never played with toys, but was all by myself) You’d be given the same sweater your brother wore when he was a tot. I still remember that I spent more time at the babysitter’s place than mine, because grandparents couldn’t take care cause of old age, and sweet was that babysitter that I am thankful even today that she took care of me!

Today, when I look back, and this may sound like an old lady describing all of her wrinkles on her face, I’m describing each pimples on my face and saying this that I never expected myself to type something actually. I know myself how bad am I into writing stories, writing experiences and I’d fear each time about grammatical errors each time, because I know currently somebody is reading this blog and would judge me, but won’t give a verdict at all. People judge over mosquito bites, but won’t judge over what’s wrong in the blog heh. Forgot to add this, I think I have seen so much of heart breaks that I’ve myself decided like that line from that song, where the lyrics go –

“Maana ke hum yaar nahin
Lo tay hai ke pyaar nahi
Phir bhi nazrein na tum milana
Dil ka aitbaar nahi
Maana ke hum yaar nahi”


Oh Lord, I ain’t ranting at all! Is it me talking about my childhood or I’m confusing you with something? NO! It’s my mind talking! It still keeps babling even when I’m asleep and I was almost going to fall asleep that my mind motor started again and I had to type all that my mind is saying right now. Okay, I’m tired, can we have some idlis with one glass of filter kaapi please? I’m hungry.

All plainly my mind talks. Pictures taken from Pexels ; Song Lyrics are from the song “Maana ke hum yaar Nahin”, from the movie “Meri Pyaari Bindu” ; the main image is taken from Google Images.

Be original, be you.

Lots of love. x.

Recipe Book

“Cooking and baking is both physical and mental therapy.”
– Mary Berry

The Rock
“Chicken Kuk-Doo-Koo” song from the movie “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”

When you start to make something really delicious, let’s say a cake, you’d truly want it to turn out really delicious! The fluffiness, the taste, you’d truly want everything to be absolutely perfect! You want the right amount of ingredients to be added in your cake and you just keep your fingers crossed as to whether the cake will rise or no. That kind of worry is very much normal and you yourself know how much joy does cooking bring in your life! 

Photo by Valeriia Miller on Pexels.com

I mean, a slice would change everything right? The expected comment would be – “OMG it is so delicious that I want to go for seconds!!”, and you’d be so happy to see that one smile, that delight onto the opposite person’s face! Anyway, these are all side talks though, but let me talk the real deal that I want to harp on this post and that is – Recipe Book!I’m sure we come across so many recipe books around us, some would wanna see something which would be very simple to make or would want to whip up something very fancy, I know that because I’ve seen people posting these really fancy dishes on Instagram and I’d wonder how do they actually do it! And frankly speaking, I am a person who tries to rely more over wanting to measure things properly, as per what’s written in the recipe book, I see that these are the people who might be taking few tips from recipe books, but also would have had a support system to have guided them well throughout this! Ain’t that awesome? 

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

Mary Berry has said very aptly that cooking and baking is truly therapeutic. When I was going through a phase where things were not well, it was cooking that brought me back on tracks. As I mentioned in one of the blog post that I started this blog after watching “Julie &Julia”, soon after watching that, I don’t know how many people I must have come across having amazing recipes to share, even though they weren’t recipe books, but it seemed like one and to take certain inspiration from the recipes that they’d post and would try it out. That’s the beauty of recipe books! Apart from those beautiful images, you’d have those mouth watering recipes being penned down and you’d wish that those images be in 3D format so that everyone could actually have a taste of the food stuff being shown in the recipe book.

Photo by Daniela Constantini on Pexels.com

I think that recipe book ain’t just about food itself, but about life too. When you want to make something, you’d first gather ingredients and then you’d prepare the dish right. Just like that, its’ like a piece of your life being shared onto a book. The ingredients could be your keywords or answers that you’d want in order to get a complete picture of your dish. I mean, the recipe book could be anything, it is just how you take it to be.

Photo by Daniela Constantini on Pexels.com

And so, this is my recipe book. Thanks for listening!

GIF Taken from Tenor ; Pictures from Pexels ; Song : “Chicken Kuk-Doo-Koo”, from the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan, directed by Kabir Khan.

Just remember that nothing here is for copying. Be original, be you.

A Bao’s Day

Who is this bao, you’d actually wonder. A professor of mine once called me out by this name cause’ he figured out from one of my Instagram post that I had called myself a bao. Which is true, you know, because I certainly do look like one.

How was the bao’s day, you’d ask. Well, the bao’s day was filled with so much of thoughts. Thought of looking at Lenny Kravitz’ abs on Men’s Health magazine or looking at hot Ryan Gosling taking off his shirt in “Crazy, Stupid, Love”? We’ll, the funniest thing that stayed in, is that the particular thought of them being shirtless was of course there for sometime and then it went away. I know these are just crazy stuffs, but who could even feign ignorance at all? Nobody!

Food is all what this bao wants because food just brings in a kind of a childlike excitement, that want for knowing about the right balance, the right taste, everything needed to be absolutely perfect, I mean so many elements being present. And I know that this is so MasterChef, but yeah! Who wouldn’t actually love a perfect curry and naan or rice. Naan and curry would be elementary to some, but the flavours that it brings out, is something next level in itself. A person like me comes from a community where we would, of course, value our traditions, but also the joy that brings in to the sharing part, is something what I admire. Often people would ask me – “Do you only eat Idlis and dosas?”, and I’d say that we just can’t stick to one, but we try exploring many. This bao would actually say this that we just don’t stand only for the Idlis, dosas, sambar and chutney, but we have our traditional vegetable curries, then various assortments of chutneys, then our filter kaapi, the technique of trying to cool down the coffee or tea.. I mean I’m not bragging, but this is how the bao would describe things about.

Anyway, there’s more to say, but you’ve heard the bao’s day now, how was your day?

The first, second and the last one were taken from Pexels and the feature picture was shot by me at Girgaum Chowpatty last year.

My romance with you

“I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out.”

– Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The topic of romance in itself is such a complicated one. Starting from studying during the days of my Bachelor’s, where I’d be so intrigued about the genre in whole, to making a crappy research on it, I just can’t believe that I am so hooked to this genre so much that can I try getting out of it? Good grief, not in a million scuse it!

Do I see romance in every single thing in my life? Oh yes I do. Do I find romance when I look at the moon and stars, and start to think about the one I like the most? I do. Romance with food? Who wouldn’t love that? Having that one particular dish that you absolutely love, for example – take a pizza, you would not stop harping about it at all. I know it because I found my sole romance in food itself. Food could make the one you like very happy and the joy and happiness that you gain after cooking something really special, is another level. My romance with South Indian food is just beyond. The fluffy, piping hot Idlis, having the quintessential coconut chutney or the humble molagapudi with it, or the dosas for that matter, I know everyone would be like “Have you tasted dosas of MTR and Vidhyarthi Bhavan, Bangalore?”, my answer to that would be no. I’m sad about it, because when you think about dosas, you’d think of that crisp, thin awesomeness and then you’d scoop that lovely potato masala onto your dosa and have the chutney as your accompaniment… Come on, who wouldn’t be hungry on that! I’d see my mother dipping her dosas in chutney and I’d wonder why doesn’t she partake in some of the sambar too, but then I learnt that there are people out there who prefer the chutney over the sambar anytime, and would sometimes think that the sambar’s place would of course be over the rice and not with the dosas. But if you’ll disagree with this, then that’s okay. Each one have their own way of eating. No judgements.

Another way would be looking at the beautiful sky. Since we’re all in a situation where we can’t venture out much cause of the pandemic, there’s no license for not looking at the beautiful sky. Everytime we see the sky, it shows those lovely hues of pink, sometimes purple, and I’ve heard this from a Japanese that purple sky indicates that something ominous will happen. But pink skies oye hoye hoye hoyeeee!

Do you get to see such scenes though?

Romance might be a far fetched concept, but it’s a genre probably not loved by all, but it’s been applied everywhere. Just like you read the poem of Elizabeth Barrett Browning right now, where she is writing for her love, that is her husband, you could include the genre of romance anywhere. It could be even romantic if you would see the moon and remember your love, you see the stars and start to miss somebody, pink sky.. making you remember, yet miss your love.. interpretations are many, it is only how you see things around you and interpret it.

Rest, I leave it to your imagination.

Have fun!

Photos from my gallery and Pexels. Do check em’ out, it’s really beautiful! The quote is written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and the source of the quote is Goodreads.

Connecting 1,2,3….

Yes, that’s my love life. Yeah, it’s only stuck at “Connecting…”, has the “Connected” sign ever shown in? I’ve been wondering all my life, to be frank with you, and each time you’d want it to show a good signal, yaar there is always some kind of problem in between.

Again if you ask if I’m in love or something, I’d just answer by saying that it’s my every year thing, where I’d fall for someone, and then when it came to talking more, and having that hope that this one shall surely progress, at that moment you’re just about to put the Pani Puri inside your mouth, and then it just breaks in between. I should not be laughing or something over this, but truly it is sad. Even when having a “chotku like” for somebody, it becomes equally difficult at times, because you really want to chat with that person, but also you have low self esteem and confidence that you’d be like – “Leave it. This ain’t gonna work too.”

Having a kind of a connect with someone you love is very much important. If it turns out to be a loose connection, you both must decipher out as to how would you get the connection back. Otherwise you’ll be left forever saying – “Hello? Hello?” on the line and then later you realise that the person has actually kept the phone down. Having that kind of connect with the person carries in a kind of a deeper understanding too. Cause if you like karela and he likes tinda, and you feel that you’re not made for each other, wait. You have so many things common, and there’s just one khatka, and that is “karela” and “tinda”, the rest of it is fine only na? Then what’s the problem even? Just forget those two and if you think that the rest follows up, then there shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Now you’d be wondering what am I even talking about? Don’t worry, I had no topic in my mind and I was just reflecting back over my love life and pondering over the fact that nothing fruitful actually came out of it. Do I wish to be set up with someone? I wish to, but currently I’m happy by myself that I don’t need anyone.

Thank you for coming to my pep talk!

Have a great day!

Image courtesy : Google

How I met your samosa

Samosa.. ghanti baji? I’ve not come here to talk about woh wala samosa at all. That samosa is a forgotten soul. A complete ghost. Is he doing fine? Must be. Do I care about that samosa? Not at all.

Let’s not start this with a samosa dukhda or something, kyunki if I’d only harp about that, I’d never get to the main part at all. How would you describe your samosa to be? Crisp and flaky on the outside, when you open it, you don’t just see the hot steam coming out, but also you see the filling of potatoes and spices in it? My own special memory of samosas would be going to Gurukripa and having samosa with chole. Yaaron, kya batau? The combination of that crispy samosa with the kind of that mix of flavours coming out from the chole, and then when you eat both together, it’s just a perfect match made in heaven. Tum apne samose wale ko chodkar dusre samose wale ke saath affair rakhna chaalu karoge. Another place in Mumbai itself, which had varieties of samosas, ranging from pasta samosa, cheese corn samosas, the list just goes on and ONNN! The moment you enter that place, you’d see cartons filled with samosas, and these freshly made bunch would be going all across the movie halls or theatres for people to munch onto besides the regular popcorn and coke, aur tum apne boyfriend ke saath woh gorom gorom samose share karo ya na karo, asli mazaa tab aata hai when you bite into it. Thinking about samosa.. are you folks hungry already? Is it making you remind of someone? Wanna hear the history about it? It was discovered first at the Middle East, and it was first found in a writing by Abul-Fazl Beyhaqi, where he actually writes that samosa or sanbosag was a snack famous during the rule of the Ghaznavid empire and the filling in it had minced meat, nuts, dry fruits, and were fried till they were crisp. When did the humble snack make it’s entry to India? It was apparently introduced by traders who had come from Central Asia, probably somewhere in the 13th or 14th century. I may be historically incorrect about this, but samosa promise even Battuta and Khusro loved it!

Variations were many of this humble snack, but the main motto that lies of people is “Khawanu, peevanu and majja revanu”, which means to eat, drink and be merry. But having a scrumptious snack like samosa, wouldn’t you be more delighted already? History chodo, tum bas yeh khaana chahte ho na? Actually, even I want to eat.

Sources :

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  3. Wikipedia – Samosa https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samosa

Image courtesy : Google images

Just a random day.

“Ek tha Raja, ek thi Rani..

One went to Goa, the other went to Udaipur,

How hard it must’ve been for them,

That khatam unki kahaani.”

Ya’ll must be wondering that am I writing this for myself in any way or something? Actually no. After last week’s lone movie night sorrow, there were few lines from the movie which were really good, and thus with few modifications and mistakes I made this stuff up.

Picking up this particular topic had put me to wonders too as to why did I choose this particular topic. Being in this lockdown kind of situation right now, I’m pretty sure nobody has any motivation to do anything as such, but wanting to travel somewhere. I mean at least on a random day, you’d just start dreaming that everything has been restored back to normalcy and you’re free to travel. So what would start off? Raja went to Goa, woh Goa kyu jayega? Khaana khaane? Woh toh ghar pe also he can prepare a Goan dish and eat? Visiting the church? Ha, agar Portuguese feel lena ho, toh you’re welcome. Kapde.. hmm nope. There’d be the craving to visit the yearly music festivals of course! The drinks, the music, the beach… like what would anyone else ask for beside the regular stuffs! I know people would disagree with the fact that Goa ain’t just for music festivals, but there’s more to the place, and I’d agree too! Goa has a huge historical importance and if I went into the details of it, I know that you folks won’t read the post then heh.

Another line in that poem kinda stuff that I’ve made is “Rani went to Udaipur”, of course she will. She’s also like us, dreaming about wandering around the city and having that kind of a romantic moment, where you’d explore the place and come across various lakes, then palaces, having that night moment of enjoying events being held, digging onto some special Rajasthani delicacies.. the list just goes on and on! I could imagine having that kind of moment of wearing a chiffon saree, with that kind of hairstyle which was sported by Maharani Gayatri Devi once upon a time, wearing your favourite pearl necklace, having that small binoculars and also sporting those cat glares and attending polo matches. I’d add more to it, like attending dates or something, but truly although this stays in just a dream though, ain’t a sin at all to dream this way! You can dream anything and everything, and you’re welcome to do so.

It’s just that the lockdown is killing me so much that I want to travel around so badly. Anyway, take care you guys so that we all be healthy and fit enough to make our dreams come true!



Image courtesy : Google images

(Also, Udaipur was suggested in by my great friends, all my love for them!)

An Aged Wine

Hello to everyone out there and I know I haven’t been writing a lot these days, boredom was killing me so hard that I applied for an internship, I got accepted like wow! “How is the feeling?”, you’d ask. Actually, its’ kinda okay-ish, I mean its not even been days to it, and I’ve already started to rant about it. Bad, I know, but I really can’t help it. I’d actually write a Ramayana about this some other day, but also of course, nagging and nit picking at the start is truly bad.

I’m 22 years old, who already feels like an old lady over thinking so much and worrying about small small things these days. I mean its pretty normal to worry about something so much, but that thing had taken a pause in between and returned back yesterday. Yeah, samosa guy thanks so much that I became this friggin possessive person, and maybe that’d be truly right, A possessive person. Anyway samosa guy is not a person worth remembering at all to be very frank. Lets’ talk something else. What have I been doing these days? I have been going all out and making sweets. Sweets like what? I’ve been making coffee cakes, biscuit pancakes, donuts, milk burfis, kada prashad (I got the Amritsar feels when having that, it was so good!), and with savory I’ve been making things like aubergines coated with spices and chickpea flour (which I should’ve simply said vangyache kaap, without complicating my life), then pasta, like brother Simon I’ve been going all out. I’ve been also listening to too much of Strings, its’ truly like having your favorite rum drink everyday, that important Strings is! And oh my god, you cannot, and I mean it real loud that you cannot ignore the amazing Aahad Nayani at all. I know the guy is being praised everywhere now, considering that his style is just so amazing, he’s full of praises from my end, that’s like 100% sure. Ek din bhi tum uske drums ki awaaz na sunoge, toh din banta hi nahi. And one more artist, my all time favorite – A.R Rahman! Day just doesn’t end without listening to these two amazing thespians. Truly good, truly amazing!

Am I reading any book you ask? Of course, I’m currently reading “The Wishmaker” by Ali Sethi. That bloke, how much he’s a greatness when it comes to delivering amazing music, his book is equally superb too! And I should not forget this that I’ve been also watching the Doordarshan version of “Byomkesh Bakshi”, gah! IT IS SO AWESOME! RAJIT KAPUR IS TRULY A GENIUS AND TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH, EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH IT! And am I aging like a fine wine? Being young to think about it, maybe yes? I don’t know.

Ending my daily rant over here and getting back to the main work of mine, I shall try uploading more and more during the course cause’ work and everything will surely come in between, but yes I’ll try and write in something really fun pretty soon!

Till then, take care!


Image courtesy : Google images

You don’t get your life sorted.. till you get sorted

That title wasn’t surely written in by some great person or somebody, but it was written by me. Yeah, me. Pretty lame one, I know, it came fresh onto my mind and was like, “Just go with it and it’s okay if people judge you over this.. I mean they are people.. they will judge.. can you stop them? No!” And that’s like the most impossible stage of em’ all, to get yourself sorted first.

Sometimes, I feel that when people say that my life is sorted, I know what is needed for me to do, I might be sorted into what’s required for me to do, but mentally enough the sort-ness ain’t present at all for me. I’d say the one that builds me up, which is the curiosity quotient, is really normal for the human body to have that.. like if I had to give you an example – Imagine you are at a wedding, do you go directly for food? NO! You come across relatives whom you haven’t encountered at all in your life, and even if you did, you were a tot. Anyway, coming back to the main deal, after all the meets and all, you come across these small nibbles being offered in by the butlers, it could be either cocktail samosas or spring rolls accompanied with mint chutney or schezwan chutney.. man I’m hungry. So, there are choices as to what we want, what we don’t want.. I mean despite all the dilemmas that you face in, you still get curious and engrossed as to what’s there around.. although next to you, your grandmother would be standing and scanning every single bachelor at the wedding, searching in for a potential damaad for her granddaughter, your work is already set at a wedding, that is to explore. Can you sit at one place and be like : “Heh today I don’t feel like doing anything..”, thoughts would rip you out as to what’s there in the food section… is my sambar present, is my spicy soup (rasam) present? That curiosity quotient shoots up at that level when you’d not care about what kind of a guy your grandmother has chosen in for you, but that curiosity of when the payasam will come and you’d wanna gorge over it more than anything else.

Here is me talking something very random, but truthfully speaking I wouldn’t call myself to be a sorted person at all. If I was sorted both physically and mentally, I’d have reached where.. probably at some place awesome, where I’d have stayed more sorted and wouldn’t have care about anything at all.

Sorry for that sudden rant of mine. I’m just hoping for someone to get married so that I could go and eat food.. I’m all for food only during weddings heh.

Take care and hope you folks also ponder a bit over this.. do you think you’re sorted enough? Think about it.

Weird title by me.

Idea given in by ujjax.

Image courtesy : Google images

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